Creative Manager

A software assists ad agencies and advertisers to manange creatives for ad campaigns.

Role UX Designer
Company dataxu
Time 08/2018-03/2019

Dataxu is a world-class ad technology company that uses data to improve marketing and media professionals’ advertising. The products empower users to connect with real people across all channels, including TV, capturing consumers’ attention when and where it matters most. In summer 2018, I joined dataxu as a user experience designer. While the products are experiencing a UX redesign, most of my job focuses on improving the experience and aesthetics of the products, as well as researching and designing new features for the new interface.


Creative Manager redesign is the first project I participated after I joined dataxu. Before I joined dataxu, product team has already started the research. Creative preview redesign is the first milestone in this project.

Understand Creative Manager

What is Creative?

Creatives are the materials used in advertising. In digital advertising, creatives contain ad tags for buying programmatic ad and collecting data from audiences. Creatives can be: banner, video, audio.

What is Creative Manager?

Dataxu's Creative Manager assists users to upload, manage and preview their creatives. Creative manager also supports creatives from third parties.

How does Creative Manager legacy look and work?

This video shows Creative Manager's home page, and the process to upload a new creative.

What problems are in legacy?

Design is out of date.

The design language is outdated. The legacy was developed using Ruby, a language that has a lot of limitations in design. Ruby will be replaced by Javascript.

Edit mode is not flexible.

When users want to edit details of their creatives, all details would turn into edit mode.

Upload process is heavy.

It needs different pages to upload creatives or assets. Overall, the process should be more clear and straightforward.

New Design System

How does new design system look like?

Since the legacy UI is out of date, design team designed a new design system.

To resign Creative Manager, I studied and participated in defining the design system.

How is the new design system applied currently?

The design system has already been applied in other managers: Campaign Manager, Activity Manager and Inventory Manager. We would love to keep new Creative Manager visually consistent with what we have currently.

Creative Manager Workflow



Creative Details

Design Details: New Creatives/Assets Generation


My Design

  • Upload process starts in a new page. Users cannot see any existing creatives while uploading new ones.
  • Bulk upload and individual upload is on different pages, which makes the process separate.
  • Too many texts as instruction makes the page visually busy.
  • Using modals to upload creatives and assets.
  • Redesign upload process. Allow users to use an excel file to upload their creatives at one time.
  • Using tooltips or links for instructions. Keep the design as simple as possible.
  • Design Details: Creatives Preview


    My Design

    Free Template

    The legacy only supports one function: preview. As users are using more videos, more function related to video are required.

    I designed some new features for preview: external preview, information about the creative and real-time tags status checking.